July 18, 2020

There have been no scored regattas this year, so far, but sailing goes on for Solings on Tuesdays, and US12s on Thursday from 1PM to 3PM at Back Bay, Wolfeboro NH. On Sundays 9AM to 12PM we sail whatever we bring at Lily Pond in Gilford NH. Wednesday is available as a rain date.

The Gallery has photo albums for each day we sail.

The Back Bay Skippers YouTube Channel has videos for each day we sail.

Highlights of each days sailing are reported in the weekly Model Yachting News article at the New Hampshire Boat Museum web site.

If you crave competition, the Marblehead Model Yacht Club is sailing their full season of regattas at Redd’s Pond in Marblehead, Massachusetts. This year they have added regattas for the Dragon Flite 95. Unfortunately they don’t sail Solings or US12s.

Lily Pond

Photo Jun 22, 10 52 04 AM

Solings at Back Bay

US12s at Back Bay