September 18, 2018

Solings 09-18, by Bob Brennan

Well, we had a late call for “sailing is on” by our Interim Commodore Tim Wright for the Tuesday, September 18th regatta. The rains ended and the sun eventually made a appearance. Ten racers we able to make the call and we were able to get 8 races in for the event. Tim Wright continues to make a great showing, placing first in seven of the 8 races. If he wasn’t such a nice person, I’m sure we would be doing something to disable his boat. Rick Lalley was able to take a first and two second places. Like every good sniper, Rick would benefit from a good spotter. Sitting in his director’s chair while the rest of us walk down the path to get a better depth of field, Rick has cut inside a buoy or two during the last couple of sessions. Maybe he could bring a spare grandchild to help him make the call.

Of course the weeds took their toll on most of us this week. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking by it. The long tentacles of a plant I have no idea of what’s it’s name is, wrapped someone’s keel or rudder seemingly on every race. BB Wright pitched in by using the rescue pole to retrieve the weeds preventing them from entering the water again. It appeared she had enough to make several leis or have the means to line a pit for a heck of a clam bake.

We were entertained by Ed Johnson’s photo journalism and Skip and Ellen Koehler’s continuous showing of love and affection toward each other. Anthony Quinn made a guest appearance (sans boat) to give us just enough grief to make sure everyone knew he was there. I have to mention that I had a double Bill Quayle sighting last week. Bill was seen out on a field trip with his probation officer Diane. He did have an ankle bracelet on to keep him from wondering without supervision. He also snuck out and sat on the bench last Tuesday. Bill looked good, was in good spirits and said he felt much better.


Lots of smoke and sirens, but we sailed on. – Photo by BB Wright

09-18 Sailor Class Soling Regatta


Class Score Season Average
Gates, Rick Sailor



Leach, Jerry Sailor



Brown, Bruce Sailor



Koehler, Skip Sailor



09-18 Master Class Soling Regatta


Class Score Season Average
Wright, Tim Master



Lalley, Rick Master



Brand, Tim Master



Russell, John Master



Brennan, Bob Master



McBride, Paul Master




Photos below are by Ed Johnson:


US12s 09-13

Winds were light, but it was a great day of sailing on Ossipee Lake, hosted by Tim and BB Wright. Only three of the regular US12 sailors made it to the regatta, relocated from Back Bay because of recent treatment for milfoil. Unfortunately, at the end of day, while Tim was carrying his boat, he tripped on a cleat and fell, smashing his boat on the dock. Tim survived, but the boat’s hull was broken on both sides. It’s repairable, and Tim plans to have it back in commission for next week’s races.

Photos below are by BB Wright:



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