September 27, 2018

09-27 US12s, by Bob Brennan

The US 12 sailing day on September 27th was a bright and beautiful day for this early fall season. The only thing missing was the wind. Eight skippers were on hand and we completed eight races. Demonstrating the lack of wind, one of the races was timed at 20 minutes long. Anthony Quinn made a guest appearance with his soiling. Equipped with new Quinn made sails. Anthony proceeded by crashing into the pack of 12’s rounding the buoy on the first leg. The cry of “Anthony!!” rang out, reminiscent of Prince Spaghetti day, (for those true New Englanders in the group). The quiet nature of Paul Wallace was broken when he cried out that he had been “fowled” by a duck landing in the middle of the group. Although the duck did several circles, it didn’t help Paul’s standing. He surprised us all again when he fell to the back of the pack and cried out “I can’t dance and its too windy to throw rocks.” Big laugh by all.

In regards to the race results, Tim Wright won all but one race with John Simms breaking the streak with a first place finish in race #5. We were all pleased for John because it proves the old saying that even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. Jerry Leach showed well taking five second places and two third places.

Even though the scoring season has ended, we hope the weather cooperates for a few more weeks of fun sailing.

09-27 US12 Regatta


Class Score Season Average
Wright, Tim Sailor



Leach, Jerry Sailor



McBride, Donald Sailor



Simms, John Sailor



Parent, Rick Sailor



Wallace, Paul Sailor



Brennan, Bob Sailor



McClun, John Sailor



Photos below are by Ed Johnson:

09-25 Solings

No sailing because of rain, so last week was the last scored week of the season. We will continue sailing on Tuesdays for fun through October until it gets too cold, and we take the dock out.


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