July 20, 2019

Scott Spacie Memorial Footy Regatta, Rosemary Lake, Needham MA

The Scott Spacie Memorial Footy Regatta hosted by the Minuteman Model Yacht Club is one of the four or five regattas in the Nor’Easter Footy Series held in New England hosted by various AMYA clubs. Previous Footy Regattas this year were hosted by the Nashua Model Yacht Club, and the NHBM Back Bay Skippers at Back Bay, Wolfeboro NH. The next event in the series will held on Saturday August 3 at Rosemary Lake. An additional Footy Regatta in the Nor’East Series may be scheduled later in the season. Location and date are so far not determined.

Scott Spacie Memorial Regatta 7/20/19
Skipper Sail # Score
Cliff Martin 240 15
Herb Dreher 734 19
Steve Doherty 456 31
Jim Linville 261 41
Jack Berglund 65 51
Rick Gates W 54
Herb Cottery 31 62
Paul McBride 54 63


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