October 6, 2018

10-06 Footy Regatta, Sandy Pond, Nashua NH

Rick Gates of the Nashua Model Yacht Club hosted his second Footy Regatta of the year at Sandy Pond in Nashua. This event was to make up for a Footy regatta hosted by the Minuteman Model Yacht club in Needham Massachusetts, that could not be completed because of bad weather. Ten sailors competed in 12 races with Rick Gates as race director, and Jerry Leach as score keeper. This was part of the Northeast Regional Footy series, which includes regattas hosted by the Laconia Model Yacht Club at Lily Pond in Gilford and the Back Bay Skippers. In previous years series, regattas had also been held in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Sailor Rank
Herb Dreher 1
Cliff Martin 2
Steve Doherty 3
Bill Hagerup 4
Jack B 5
Ron Jones 6
Jim Linville 7
Herb Cotterly 8
Paul McBride 9
Alain Jousse 10


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