October 9, 2018

A Thank-You to Several

The commodore was on the road following Kathleen’s latest itinerary during September, and wants to thank Tim Wright, Bob Brennan, Paul McBride, and Ed Johnson for covering his duties.

During that same time, Al Stevens went shopping and came home with a Jon boat and electric outboard for Back Bay rescues. Wow! Al, that’s wonderful – the flat bottom should be much more stable for retrieving boats. In addition, Al’s been working on name tags for all of us. What a guy! Thank you, Al!! Now we’ll remember who we are.

Footy Regatta

The Minuteman Model Yacht Club Footy Regatta in Needham MA was rained out earlier in the season, but Rick Gates rescheduled it for October 6 at his Nashua Model Yacht Club at Sandy Pond in Nashua NH with Rick as race director, and Jerry Leach as scorekeeper. Back Bay Skippers’ Bill Hagerup and Paul McBride competed, placing fourth and ninth respectively. Top honors went to Herb Dreher, with Cliff Martin placing second and Steve Doherty third.

Summer Series Awards

The sailing season is split into two series, with awards given out for both spring and summer, as well as the full-season championship. On October 9, the summer series awards were presented.

Sailor Class Master Class US12s
1st Rick Gates 1st Tim Wright 1st Tim Wright
2nd Rick Parent 2nd Rick Lalley 2nd John Simms
3rd Jerry Leach 3rd Mark Whitehead 3rd Jerry Leach
Left to right: Mark Whitehead, Rick Lalley, Tim Wright, Jerry Leach.

Tuesday October 2 was a Btfsplk!

(That’s a raspberry for those who don’t remember Li’l Abner’s sidekick with the rain cloud hovering over his head.)

The Solings were rained out. A few diehards tried to sail, but within twenty minutes the deluge started and the skippers ran for cover.

Thursday, October 4, was a much better day for the US12’s, as was October 9 for the Solings.

A Santa Barbara sailing with US12s.

Once October rolls around, the skippers sail for fun with no official scoring, just bragging rights.

On straight average, the top five Solings October 9 were:

Tim Wright first, Rick Lalley second, Tim Brand third, Anthony Quinn fourth, and Jerry Leach fifth. Brag away, gentlemen!

Solings in action.

New skippers sailing on that beautiful fall day were Diane Labella plus Fred and Sue Beaman. Welcome aboard!

Left: Diane Labella with her new boat. Right: Fred Beaman at the controls.

Join the Fun

Weather permitting, the Soling fleet sails on Tuesdays starting at 1PM, and the US12’s compete on Thursdays, also at 1PM. Just head for the municipal parking lot at the end of Glendon Street and you’ll find us along the Bridge-Falls Path. In addition, the Laconia club sails at Lily Pond near the airport in Gilford on Sundays starting at 9AM.

Join us for a great show with many photo ops. And don’t forget to bring the youngsters – we have free-sailing Footies for them to use on Tuesdays. (For those wanting to purchase a Footy, a few are available in the boat museum’s gift shop.) If you want to try your hand at the helm of a radio-control boat, please let us know — we love to share.

10-09 Solings

Photos below are by Ed Johnson:



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