November, 2018

Long Overdue

We separated the Master and Sailor classes to keep the competition as fair as possible, but we were a little slow in building a perpetual trophy for the Sailor Class. The delay has ended, and since the 2018 champion won’t be crowned till spring, it seemed right and proper that our 2017 champion, Paul McBride, take possession of the trophy till then. Paul did an outstanding job sailing during the 2017 season and certainly deserves bragging rights for his accomplishment.


It Looks Like the Season Is Over

The dock and dinghy have gone into hibernation, and all it takes is a peek out the window to conclude there will be no more sailing in 2018!


Getting Ready for 2019

Winter projects are underway. Boats will be refurbished and parts will be made for model yacht building in 2019. Anthony Quinn is hard at work making stands for the boats. The kits are complete, but we always add many items to enhance the experience in building and sailing.

Stand Building

You have the opportunity to join the fun. We supply everything needed, and expert building instructors will guide you every step of the way. No experience is needed; just bring enthusiasm. This year, we’ll be joining the family boat building program from July 8 through 12, a wonderful family experience that you’ll treasure for years to come. Go to – Learn – Model Yacht Building Workshop and sign up online or download the application and send it in. A gift certificate is also available.



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