February, 2019

Looking Back

No, it’s a bit too chilly to be sailing on Back Bay right now, but it’s a good time to think about last year and how it impacted over one thousand participants in forty-three events — forty-three opportunities for smiles and fun. The official start of the season was installation of the dock and the skippers’ gathering, when awards were presented to the top sailors for 2017. This was followed by weekly regattas on Tuesday and Thursday, model yachts challenging each other for top honors of the new season.

Looking Ahead

Work already has begun on the 2019 boat building workshop, and, as always, we’re looking for new skippers. The program is moving to Family Boat Building July 8 through 12 in an effort to encourage the younger set but all ages are welcome. For information go to nhbm.org – Learn – Model Yachting – Model Yacht Building workshop.


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