April, 2019

It’s Up to Mother Nature

Our permit says April 2, but footing along the shore of Back Bay is tricky enough to delay boat launch a bit. Every year, the skippers wait impatiently to set sail again, and, traditionally, we pick a nice warm day to put in the dock. If you see the dock, that’s the signal for a new sailing season so look for sailors on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, weather permitting. Come to watch or join the fun. We love to share and welcome onlookers to try their hand at the sport.



Something New

We are trying to encourage more family participation, so this year’s class will be held during the New Hampshire Boat Museum’s Family Boat Building session July 8 through July 12. No experience is needed – guidance will be provided every step of the way. Details can be found under Model Yacht Building Workshop.

2018 Review in Pictures


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